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Japanese Puzzle Box received the Regional Prize in the Souvenirs of Japan Contest 2008.
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Past Additions
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Making Marquetry
Making Marquetry 1 Each of different-colored wood pieces are planed to the proper thickness to make Yosegi pattern and fastened with glue in order of the pattern.
The layered wood are sawn to fit a Yosegi-specific mold into a piece.
The cut pieces are planed accurately.
The glue is spread out on each completed piece to make a unit pattern.
Making Marquetry 2
Making Marquetry 3 The pieces are tied together and glued. Then this block of a unit pattern is sawn into several slices to form a larger pattern.
The cut slices are glued together again. This repeated process of cutting and gluing makes a larger pattern. The resultant plate is called Tanegi. Making Marquetry 4
Making Marquetry 5 The plate is shaved carefully into thin sheets with a special big plane. This shaved sheet is called Duku.
As the shaved sheets are shrunken, they are ironed and stuck on the products. Making Marquetry 6

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