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Japanese Puzzle Box received the Regional Prize in the Souvenirs of Japan Contest 2008.
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Q. My order has not arrived yet.
Please track your package at Japan Post Official Website before you receive it. Your order may be delivered while your absence and brought back to delivery Post Office. It will be sent back after the the storage limitation of the package is exceeded. In this case, you will pay shipping charges again before we resend it.

You can track your order at
Q. Can it send to my country?

For order outside Japan, our preferred carrier is EMS or UPS.
After we confirm that payment has been made, we will ship the products.

It is a list of the country which can send.

Following table shows Information on approximate days required for EMS delivery.

When you order one box, the shipping charge is as below.

Q. Can you send my items to my hotel in Japan?

Yes I can. Please send the following things from this link.

1. The hotel name
2. The hotel address
3. Date of Check In & Out
4. The name on the room reservation
5. Order Item
6. Payment method - Credit card or Paypal

Q. What should I do if I want to send my order to Japan ?
Within Japan, you have several payment options.
  1. Credit Card
  2. Cash on delivery
  3. Bank Transfer
  4. Pyapal

Domestic delivery charge is 500yen (except Okinawa and other isolated islands).
We will offer free shipping on orders over 15,000yen.

We accept an order by e-mail or online order form. Please send us the following.
Please send the following items from this link.

  • Delivery address
  • Your Name
  • Phone Number
  • Payment Method
  • Order Item
Q. I do not know how to pay in yen with credit card.
When you make your payment, please enter the total amount in the space provided in Japanese yen. Then your credit card company will take it from your account in your currency.
Q. I didn't receive an order(shipping) confirmation. What do I do?
PLEASE set up your email filter to accept hakonemaruyama.co.jp.
This is especially important if you use Yahoo.com, Hotmail.com and AOL.com.
Q. Does the Japanese Puzzle Box come with instructions ?
The Secret Boxes come with printed instructions that illustrate how to open it with a figure.
Q.What are the shipping charges?
For order outside Japan, our preferred carrier is EMS or DHL. Your shipping charges may vary depending on the size, weight and destination of your package. We will let you know the shipping cost via e-mail after your order is placed. And if you order the items which are glazed, they have to be pack in a strong wooden crate.
So we may charge the cost of the products plus postage and packing.

For your reference, the shipping charge if you order one box can be found at

Your order may be subject to the customs fees and import duties of the destination country. These charges are not included in this charge.

Q.Why is my credit card not being accepted?
You can input only numbers in the Total Amount area and the Credit Card Number area. Please do not use hyphen(-), comma(,) or alphabetic characters (such as yen). And <.> or <'> is not accepted in the name field.

The credit cards that are issued overseas may not be accepted in Japan even though they are VISA or MasterCard. Could you please use another credit card? If you wish to pay with paypal, please jet us know via e-mail.

Q. How is the items packaging?
The Japanese Puzzle Boxes are not in presentation boxes. They are wrapped in official decorative wrapping paper (Yosegi pattern).
Q. Can you tell me your prices in US Dollars?
Please click on the link below to go to the Currency Converter page.
The conversion rate depends on the payment method which you choose. Payment may be made by Credit Card or Paypal.
Q. For delivery to France
If the door code is unknown and the addressee cannot be contacted by phone, the delivery person will not be able to enter the housing complex, and will not be able to leave a non-delivery notice in the post box inside the entrance of the building.
The addressee will not receive an arrival notice for the mail, which will be stored at the nearest post office, and will either be delivered after some delay or sent back.
Q. When Shopping Cart doesn't work ?
If your browser doesn't support cookies, you may use our secure order form.

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