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Tissue paper box small Koyosegi

Tissue paper box small Koyosegi Size: 132x90x59 mm

Kokeshi Umbrella girl

Size: 138x90 mm Kokeshi was first made in the northern provinces of Japan about 150 years ago. Kokeshi was originally made as a toy for children of farmers. It developed into a modem craft from a simple toy as the countryside developed culturally. Having outgrown the status of being a toy for children, Kokeshi is now recognized as one of the traditional folk arts in Japan. Kokeshi is handmade by skilled craftsmen entirely from wood-cutting to painting. We hope you appreciate the Japanese trad­ition and art.

Japanese Puzzle Box 4steps

Japanese Puzzle Box 4steps Size 118x85x51 mm Interior 74x63x38 mm As for this product, the MDF is used in part.