We are a specialist store in Hakone marquetry.

What is "Yosegi-zaiku"?

"Yosegi-zaiku" is a traditional Japanese marquetry.
It was born from the rich nature of Hakone.

Master craftsman

Yosegi-zaiku is not an industrial product. Marquetry artisans continue to make each piece the traditional way..

The history of marquetry and Lake Ashi

About our shop

Our shop is about an hour and a half away from Tokyo. Please take the Shinkansen.

Lake Ashi and Mt. Fuji are particularly important in our area. Lake Ashi was formed by volcanic activity in the surrounding area, and it is said that the wood buried there became the material for marquetry.
Lake Ashi is also famous for the anime "Evangelion." Mt. Fuji seen from Lake Ashi is a very famous motif.

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Japanese puzzle box

This is one of yosegi-zaiku's representative works.

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